Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Open XML Explained" Free eBook (PDF)

Open XML - Open XML Explained e-book

"Attached is a downloadable copy of "Open XML Explained" by Wouter Van Vugt, the first book on Open XML development. The sample documents for the book are also available for download here.

This 128-page book covers the basics of Open XML, including many of the topics covered in the Open XML developer workshops, as well as several additional topics. ..."

From the introduction;


The purpose of this book is to provide you with the building blocks required to build your own document-centric solution. In this book you will discover the basics of WordprocessingML, SpreadsheetML and PresentationML as well as the DrawingML supporting language. Learn about the use of custom markup to enable custom solutions using WordprocessingML, the formulas of SpreadsheetML or the great visual effects that can be applied using DrawingML.

Who is this book for?
In this book you will be provided a detailed overview of the three major markup languages in Open XML. This book is written for those who have a basic understanding of XML or HTML. If you are a software architect or developer who needs to build document-centric solutions you can learn about how to build your value-added solutions based on the Open XML platform. Those new to document markup languages as well as those more experienced in document markup but new to Open XML will benefit from this book.


If you're learning, or want to learn, Open XML then this commercial quality printable PDF is a great starting point.

(via Doug Mahugh - Open XML development book)

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