Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Find those WEP/WPA keys stored on your PC with WirelessKeyView and Six Other Free Tech Tools...

Kent J. Chen's WebLog - 7 Free Geek Tools

"Stole from PCWorld.ca's one of latest article.  Check it out.  The Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool from Microsoft and NirSoft's free WirelessKeyView are quite interesting.


WirelessKeyView is a free tool from NirSoft, that reveals all the WEP/WPA keys stored on the computer and save them to text/html/xml file.  It should be quite handy for people like me who often brings my laptop to various places.


Oh yeah, I'll be able to use that... (In my "Tech Support for My Daughter" biz  ;)

The other tools mentioned in the PC World article are the (Tech) World Famous SysInternals tools and the command line FSUtil utility...

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