Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another’s journey down the TFS and Agile road…

Teams WIT Tools - Using TFS, Excel, and Agile to deliver on time and on budget

“We just finished our first real sprint using TFS, Excel, and the Agile process. One of the things that we had trouble doing in our last sprint, which wasn't really a sprint, but rather more of a marathon that seemed to never end, was shut down. We slipped our end date several times and each time was somewhat of a surprise for management, etc. This time around we decided to following a date driven Agile model and it worked out quite well. With TFS as the backbone of our project management and Excel (Iteration Backlog.xlsx that shipped with CTP12) as the front end, we were able to track daily/weekly progress easily. The Burndown chart and velocity chart helped us see if we were on track or not quickly and easily. We held daily stand ups to get face to face status and gut feel from everyone and then held weekly over view meetings to go over progress for the week. We were able to deliver what we said we would deliver when we said we were able to deliver and TFS, Excel and Agile were key in helping us do that.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend using TFS, Excel integration, and the Agile process to help you deliver on time and on budget.”

As I begin my own Agile/Scrum journey it’s nice to hear from others further along that same road…

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