Thursday, June 05, 2008

Scrum Day -1 - Infrastructure Day

Today was infrastructure day… Moving from one TFS template to our Scrum template, while also moving from one server to another.

While I hate to whine (well in my blog posts at least... ;) can we all agree that moving Work Items and Source from one TFS server to another kind of bytes?

I tried the TFS To TFS Migration Tool but it didn't seem to want to move my work items. Source it seemed to do okay (for a very simple project at least), but it gacked on the work items. Likely due to the differences in the template types (I'm guessing... I'm firing up the source now to see if I can figure it out).

So it's back to the old Excel standby. Open the work items in Excel from the Source Team Project, paste them into another Excel spreadsheet for the new Project.

Now this works, and can be pretty fast, BUT it doesn't handle attachments, links, history, etc. And one of my remaining/to-do projects has a 100+ work items with attachments. Hence why I'm firing up the source to the TFS to TFS tool. I hoping I can hork it to make it work. Sounds like a mission for tomorrow...

TFS Noob Note: A Solution is NOT a TFS Team Project! (*.SLN != TeamProject) This is likely one of the most common mistakes TFS noob's make. We create a TFS Team Project for a given VS Solution. Sure we think we'll host all the future versions in the Team Project, so yeah, it needs its own Team Project. No, no, no! You have to think broader and wider...

Today I started with nine Team Projects, I'm moving to two (and in the end that might be one to many). These two Team Projects will host 14 products/exe's, tons of dll's, resources and such.

Just say no! Friends don't let friends create too many Team Projects...

As for my Scrum ed-u-ma-kat-tion, I've started my reading and by the first half of the first chapter realized I sure as heck didn't know Scrum like I thought I did. But then again, not a day goes by where I don't realize there's so much I don't know...

I want to be young again and know everything... :P

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