Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scrum for Team System (SfTS) WPF based Sprint Task Board utility coming soon…

Scrum for Team System – Announcements - Task Board for Team System (SfTS Edition) - Preview

“A "Beta" release of the new task board utility (Task Board for Team System) will be released very soon.
So, two preview webcasts have been made available via  the following links:

Watch this space for more information as it becomes available. Registered users will also soon be receiving an email notification on how to get involved in the beta program.
Scrum for Team System” [Post leached in full]

This looks pretty cool and something I could use today. Being able to very easily see our Sprint, move Backlog items between states and having a real easy way to associate new Sprint Backlog Items with their Product Backlog Items, all the while still hosting everything in TFS is something can use now.

Sure you can, and I have, do everything with the existing TFS tools, but it’s harder and somewhat of a distraction. It takes me out of the dev flow to have to fire up VS, open the query, find the Item, etc, etc. This utility looks like it could make updating Items easy and almost second nature…


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