Monday, January 26, 2009

This post title made me laugh, “I've Left Query Analyzer Hell For LINQPad Heaven”

Aney Adventures Online - I've Left Query Analyzer Hell For LINQPad Heaven

“So now that LINQPad has enabled intellisense SQL Server Management Studio, Query Analyzer, and even Joseph Albahari's (LINQPad creator) own QueryEx have all been zapped from my memory. I'll no longer flounder in antiquated ANSI SQL, but instead flourish in fully typed C#/LINQ code.

That was just my humble plug for LINQPad. I'm sure almost everyone by now is using this incredible tool. Do Joseph and yourself a favor and donate to his cause by purchasing an Autocompletion license. It's like having the lights turned on in a pitch black room. Of course LINQPad gets even more productive when you start adding your own helpers via extension methods and referenced libraries. This was evident in my previous posts about batch updating and deleting (see the Quick Link articles). I'm going to explain a few more helpful extension methods to add to your toolbox to make LINQPad your most used and most productive software tool you use.


Terry’s post title made me laugh, and laughter on a Monday is very welcome. That combined with the great LINQ/LINQPad stuff he’s written, makes my first Cool Thing blog post of the week easy… ;)

While you’re there make sure you also check out Terry’s other LINQ/LINQPad related articles,LINQPad: Preview DELETE and UPDATE SQL before it executes, Batch Updates and Deletes with LINQ to SQL and LINQ to SQL Batch Updates/Deletes: Fix for 'Could not translate expression'

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Terry Aney said...

Thanks for the plug. Note, your link to 'Aney Adventures Online' above points to a wrong site. Should have the /terryandann after the domain.

Glad I brightened up your Monday.

Greg said...


Fixed. Thanks for the correction. :)