Sunday, January 25, 2009

BITS PowerShell Cmdlets coming in Windows 7 – Making BITS file transfers just a Add-FileTransfer away

Windows Management Infrastructure Blog - Introducing BITS PowerShell Cmdlets!

“The BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) team is happy to announce the release of BITS PowerShell cmdlets in the Windows 7 beta! BITS PowerShell cmdlets combine the richness and usability of PowerShell scripting with the network-awareness and persistence of BITS file transfers. We believe that the addition of BITS cmdlets will make it easier for admins to manage and automate file transfer tasks by providing the following benefits.

For PowerShell admins considering BITS:

  • Politeness: File transfers can be conducted in the background to preserve the responsiveness of other network apps
  • Fire-and-forget persistence: BITS automatically tries to resume transfers that have been interrupted by temporary hiccups such as network disconnections or system reboots

Meet Your Pit Crew

Adds one or more files to a BITS job.

Retrieves a list of BITS jobs for the current user. …







Wow, these will make using BITS almost too easy… :)


Tony said...

They changed the names in RC1--the module is now BitsTransfer (instead of FileTransfer)

Greg said...

Nice, thanks Tony!