Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Feed You Should Read #1 – Jason Haley’s Interesting Finds

This is an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while. This is the start a weekly post series where I highlight a feed that I like, a feed that’s helped me find my “cool stuff,” a feed that I think you might also like, i.e. “A Feed You Should Read”

I’m thinking these posts will have information about the feed (imagine that! ;), what you can usually find it, what kind of feed/blog it is and while I like it.

I don’t intend this series to be a “review” of the given feed. It’s just that there are a billion feeds out there, there are some that I like, have found useful and have provided me (and thereby you) some cool information and links. Just think of this series as a pay it forward, as a means for me to share and give back to those who have given so much…

Enough of that, let get started.


To try to help you find your own list of cool things quickly, I’m going to start with a number of link bloggers.

Link blogs/bloggers can be thought of as “human aggregators,” people whom like me, scan the net for things they like or think others might like, which they then combine into a link post. If you’re feed reading time is short, then having a few link bloggers in your feed stream will save you massive amounts of time. The thing is to find the ones that are in your scope of interest.

We start off the series with a link blogger I’ve been following for a years.

Jason Haley - Ramblings of a .Net developer .ver 3:0:0:0



Jason’s Interesting Finds has been around for five and a half years and I’ve been following it for almost that long I think (looks like my first links to Jason’s work was in 2006).

Jason’s blog is not just a link blog. He has a number of interests which result in some interesting posts. Reflector, “innovation” are two recent ones that come to mind, mixed in with a few other things (like book reviews, etc).

Microsoft, Windows, .Net, databases and related are the general focus of his links (think “stuff a Microsoft tech using developer would find interesting”), but he’s not a zealot about it. Other cool stuff will find its way into his Finds too.

Why do I like this feed and think you might also?

Why do I like this feed? Because it seems he and I sometimes think alike and like much the same “stuff.”

It’s pretty funny (sometimes in a weird, creepy way… :p ). I read though my many subscriptions, opening posts that I think I might want to blog about. Then I hit Jason’s post. His Interesting Find will invariably contain many of the things I’d just opened. Like we share the “oh that’s cool” portions of our brain (see… like I said… creepy… ;)

The link list in the daily Finds are usually manageable and in a reasonable length (i.e. it’s not 5 billion links a day… more like his top 20-30’ish), and is well categorized.

In short, if you like what I blog about, have limited time, are in the Microsoft, Windows, .Net and related tech sphere, then Jason’s posts should be at the top of your feed stream…

Snap of today’s post:

Interesting Finds: August 30, 2009


Blog Information:

Name: Jason Haley - Ramblings of a .Net developer .ver 3:0:0:0
Post Types: Primary – Links (Interesting Finds)
Secondary - Personal development projects, other interests


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