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A Feed You Should Read #11 – The Road to Know Where

In this week’s Feed, our journey takes us down a slightly different path. Not as dramatic a difference as last week’s, yet still different than most of the past posts.

A blog can sometimes fall into a general category or type. Link blogs, where a post, for the most part, contain X number of links to other blogs. to original content blogs, status blogs, pet blogs, personal story blogs, etc.

There are also re-blogs. A re-blog is where the blogger finds stuff and re-blogs about it referencing and quoting to original content, usually with one re-blog per post. My blog, the one you’re reading, is 98% re-blog.

Today’s feed you should read is a also re-blog, yet with a great deal more to it than that…

The Road to Know Where



The Road to Know Where is a re-blog mostly focused on Microsoft tech, IT content, with cool and dev stuff thrown in for flavor. But beyond the daily’ish posts of cool stuff found and shared, there is also a great list of free Microsoft software (well actually a number of lists, as you can see above). These are must read lists of free utilities, applications and such that you have to check out…

Blake Handler’s blog, The Road to Know Where, has been going strong since mid 2005 and I’ve been following since nearly then (looks like my first post related to it was Feb 2006) and I’ve not looked back since I found it (I’ve re-blogged him 26’ish times ;)

Blake is a local guy too (as local as can be in the monster-plex that is the Greater Los Angeles area), which is cool. As small as the world has become with the Net, locality is still important.

Why do I like this feed and think you might also?

I dig his posts because his IT POI helps me see beyond my usual scope of interest. His area of interest while mostly Microsoft focused, is scoped very broadly. From Windows Home Server, client OS, server OS, MS mobile, games, system admin utilities, to training and fun stuff, it’s all there and more.

Look, are you using Microsoft tech? Do you like free software? Are you a Dev, IT’er or power user? Then you need to subscribe to The Road to Know Where feed and ALSO check out his free software lists.

This is one of those few blogs that should be at the very top of your daily reading list. One of those blogs that if you don’t have time to read everything you subscribe to, you at least always read this one. One of those blogs where you can almost be certain you catch something new, interesting and useful…

Snap of the latest post:


Blog Information:

Name: The Road to Know Where
Post Types: Re-blog of Windows, IT, and cool stuff posts

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