Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Expression Hands on Labs/Tutorials - Introduction to Silverlight, Styling and Skinning, DeepZoom, SketchFlow and New Blend 3 Features

Me about things... - Expression Studio tutorials now available

“If you follow this blog and/or me on Twitter, you should know that I have been travelling up and down the UK delivering a series of talks in colleges and Universities. During the talk, I show a very cool demo of how to use Expression Blend to transform a simple Flickr application written in Silverlight by importing a Photoshop designed interface!

Something really cool and that requires to write almost no code and shows how design can really become an integral part of the development process!

I now managed to package the whole thing and share with you! All in all I have 5 Hands on Labs that you can download and use freely [GD: Click through for the download link…I didn’t want to leach his traffic]:

HOL 1 - Introduction to Silverlight

HOL 2 - Styling and Skinning

HOL 3 - Working with DeepZoom

HOL 4 - Introduction to SketchFlow

HOL 5 - Expression Blend 3 New Features

The 5th one is the one I used during the talks! So…”

When I grow up I want to be able to use the Expression tools, like Blend.

And how do you get comfortable with it? Use it… Hands On Labs (HOL) are one way to get your, well, your hands on it…


Here’s a snip of the download’s contents;


Here’s an overview of “HOL 1 - Introduction to Silverlight Exercise Lab Manual.docx”;



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Anonymous said...

WHere's the download?

Greg said...

Click through, via the link at the top of the post...