Wednesday, May 19, 2010

“Getting Started With Scrum for Team System Version 3 (TFS 2010)” – aka The “Okay I’ve got it installed, now what?” Guide

Crispin Parker's Blog - Getting Started With Scrum for Team System Version 3 (TFS 2010)

“So, you’ve setup your brand new TFS 2010 environment, installed SfTS v3, deployed the template and created an empty scrum project. Now what? Hopefully the information in this posting will help you get a simple project up and running.

Before we dive straight into populating a new project, I’ll give you a brief overview of the new Scrum project infrastructure.

1 …”

Remember I said that Scrum for Team System v3 will require a bit of reading in this post, Scrum for Team System version 3 (TFS 2010), aka (SfTS v3) RTM released?

The above post kind of demonstrates why. The SfTS v3 template has grown-up, gotten smarter, added features and become more complicated… Now that’s not bad, just something to be aware of if as you move/upgrade to this version.

This is NOT just a “now compatible with TFS2010” version. This is a re-think of the entire template and process.


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