Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Windows Phone 7 ConfApp - Microsoft conferences with schedules and past PowerPoint decks/session videos, now with for PDC10

ConceptDev (Craig Dunn's blog) - Conf for PDC10 on Windows Phone 7

“A first-cut of the PDC10 schedule can now be downloaded for the Windows Phone 7 version of Conf - now available on Marketplace (search for Conf/look for this tile).
To download new conference data in Conf

  • Start on the first panel of the Panorama
  • Scroll down to other conferences... and touch Download more...
  • When the list downloads from the server, touch PDC10
  • PDC10 should appear in the list - if not, switch between the conferences until it does :-s


ConfApp [Conference App]


Conference Schedules
Conf lets you download schedules from the web and plan which sessions you'll attend.

Speakers & Sessions
Conf lets you download schedules from the web and plan which sessions you'll attend.

News feed
Conf downloads the latest news from the official RSS feed.

Videos and slides of past sessions/conferences
Conf provides links (when available) to online session videos and (for Windows Phone 7) the Powerpoint slides.

Currently available

  • PDC09 (including videos and slides)
  • MIX10 (including videos and slides)
  • REMIX10 Australia
  • PDC10
  • TechEd10 Europe (coming soon)


ConfApp [Conference App] - Windows Phone 7


Nice! I dig how past conferences are included, with their session videos and PPT’s. This kind of thing is something I’ve been thinking about for ages now… (aka my past thoughts on a MSFT ConfAPI/ConferenceAPI where they provide the raw data for all their conferences in an api, like OData, and then let the community mash it up… just like this)

Now if only I had a Windows Phone 7… :(


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