Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How do you learn PowerShell? One bit at a time…(and with a little help from Doug Finke)

Development in a Blink - How To Practice PowerShell


I am reading

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks” by Bruce Tate and it is a great book. Looking through the Ruby chapter, I was struck by how well Mr. Tate communicates key concepts of the language and saw how the examples could be demonstrated in PowerShell.

I do a talk on PowerShell for .NET Developers (code camps and user groups), you can see the video I did for Microsoft’s Channel9  Geek Speak. I cover some these examples and more.

Let me know what else you’d like to see.

Launch a PowerShell Console and type along

Type along or copy and paste the examples to see how they work. At the end is a short Self-Study section. I added a sections for piping objects in PowerShell and accessing with the .NET framework.

Lightning Tour with the Console

Launch PowerShell. Type a command and get a response: Give these a try:


Note to self: Stop clicking and start PowerShell’ing! (Oh and “Delete DOS.Commands FROM Greg.Brain; Insert PowerShell INTO Greg.Brain;”)

Sigh, I’ve been living in DOS land for so long I find it hard, even with the DOS alias’s in PowerShell, to make the jump to PowerShell. So here’s my commitment, my kick-in-the-butt, the next time I fire up CMD, stop, drop, and fire up PowerShell instead. If I don’t start getting comfortable with PowerShell, I’ll never get comfortable with PowerShell (gee, imagine that… lol ;)


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Doug Finke said...

I'm coming over and hold your feet the fire on your resolution to use PowerShell!

Thanks for link love.

-- Doug

PowerShell MVP