Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Did you know the Windows Phone 7 Emulator has three built-in, canned, already there, songs you can MediaLibrary with?

DZone .Net Zone - Windows Phone tip of the day: MediaLibrary can be tested in the emulator with built-in songs

"Not a lot of developers know this, but the default OS image that is shipped with the Windows Phone Emulator has built-in media content (other than images) - songs. There are three tracks available for testing purposes:

  • Another Melody Song (00:00:31.3930000) by Windows Phone Artist [Pop]
  • Melody Song (00:00:30.4640000) by Windows Phone Artist [Rock]
  • Rhythm Variation (00:00:15.3710000) by Windows Phone Artist [R&B]

To try these out, simply add a reference to Microsoft.Xna.Framework and use the snippet below:


This was a bit of WP7 info I hadn't seen before and thought it interesting and a good share...

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