Friday, April 22, 2011

VLC MIX WMV RSS - Jon Galloway shows us an alternate way to view the MIX videos, via magic of RSS and VLC

Jon Galloway - Better ways to watch the MIX11 videos, Part 1: VLC

"I'm still catching up on all the great content at MIX 11. There is a ton of great content - 116 videos when I last looked. Scott Hanselman already posted a great summary of ways to get and watch them. With this many videos to watch, though, you might want to bring out some big guns, and that's what this post is all about.

Streaming them at high speed with VLC

VLC has long been my favorite media player. It's lightweight, plays just about every media format without any codec hassle, streams from network and internet locations without a hiccup, can save output to disk, has nice playlist support, and has great keyboard commands.

We'll take advantage of three of those features here:

  • Playlist support
  • Streaming from URL
  • High speed playback




Jon provides a pretty cool means that I've not seen before for browsing/video (media included) RSS feeds, specifically using VLC to browse, view and stream the MIX11 videos.


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