Friday, July 08, 2011

Think you have THE idea for an MMO, but don't any any infrastructure or funds to build one? Wish there was a 30/70 deal for MMO's too?

Mach X Games Blog - An option for indie MMO development

"... . A version of Hero Engine has come out that makes development of an MMO for indies very accessible. Hero Cloud trades up front licensing for royalties. ..."

Hero Engine - Hero Cloud

"The HeroCloud service gives your team a complete system for developing and launching an MMO game, 3D virtual world, or online simulation. With HeroCloud a small team is freed from the chores of managing servers and network and they stay focused on building and creating their product.

HeroCloud includes access to the all of HeroEngine, the leading platform for collaborative online game design. Your team is issued a set of accounts and passwords and you download the HeroBlade toolset to access your very own online world. No matter where your team members are located, whether in the same room or around the world, they meet in your world to work together to build your online world.

Once you are ready to launch your world to your customers, HeroCloud takes care of the details. We provide access to global billing solutions, we give you a console to monitor your usage and performance, and we give you the ability to add and remove servers as needed.


HeroCloud Basic Pricing

Licensing fee: $0 per team, including access for up to 25 developers.

Hosting: We host your server in the cloud for free. No need to build separate operations team.

Billing: We provide integrated billing options to instantly accept credit cards and other payment options.

Royalty: We keep 30% of revenue.


Man I wish I had it in me to be a game builder... I've want to be involved in an MMO since I got hooked when playing Asheron's Call 1 beta (and have had one or more active since). Just need a killer (or any actually) idea for one.  :P

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