Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kinect to transform video training/podcasting/teleconferencing?

Kinect Education - Evolve Your Podcasts with Kinect & StagePresence

"Kinect is continually proving to provide instructors and learners with new ways to engage with content. One innovative tool harnessing the power of Kinect is Nuvixa’s StagePresence. StagePresence provides plenty of justification to purchase a Kinect for any classroom implementing podcasts. Using StagePresence and Kinect, the “flipped classroom model” can be taken to an entirely new level.

Any instructor implementing podcasts or videocasts (“vodcasts”) needs to consider using this tool to leverage the time they’re already spending creating supplemental content. StagePresence allows viewers to actually see the instructor solving the problem. Traditional podcasting methods typically only allow for a screen recording of a problem being solved. While that’s effective, I would highly speculate that the viewer (learner) is more engaged when they can actually see their instructor solving problems.



Nuvixa - StagePresence

"Leveraging the latest in depth camera technologies, as well as its own industry-leading computer vision and video processing expertise, Nuvixa seeks to change the way people communicate with video. The first product to take advantage of this new paradigm is Nuvixa's StagePresence, which takes video calling and conferencing, presenting and social interactions via video to whole new level.

In short, StagePresence enables a presenter to engage an on-line audience with compelling presentations that "fuses" the speaker, video and other content with natural user interfaces; it essentially embeds the presenter into their content for more dynamic and interactive results. With StagePresence, remote workers can "share" a virtual space, allowing for communication and collaboration that's more "human" and personal.



In a word, ZOMG (okay, is that like four, three or still counts as one? :P )

That's pretty awesome and officially cool. It's amazing how the Kinect is igniting so many exciting and interesting projects...

Now all we need is Kinect like functionality built into our notebooks and that doesn't require an entire living room to use (I wonder if we'll see anything like that a BUILD next month?)

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