Thursday, September 01, 2011

PrivBar updated for IE9 and Win7 (Think "What privilege mode/level am I running" in toolbar for Win7 Explorer/IE)

Aaron Margosis' "Non-Admin" and App-Compat WebLog - PrivBar Update

"PrivBar is a toolbar I first published over seven years ago (!) for Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. I updated it three years ago to add support for x64. Today I am updating it to offer better support for Vista and Windows 7 and the corresponding Server versions. Specifically, instead of showing a group name such as Users or Administrators in the toolbar, it shows the integrity level of the current page. One significant benefit is that this helps mitigate the removal of the Protected Mode indicator from the IE9 status bar.

Download the .zip file attached to this post; extract the DLLs to a shared location (e.g., under Program Files) and register each with regsvr32.exe. (Note that PrivBarX64.dll can be used only on x64 editions of Windows.) The toolbars need to be enabled separately for Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, and Internet Explorer (64 bit): press Alt to display the menu, then choose View | Toolbars | PrivBar x64. (It says “x64” even for the 32-bit version.)



I first blogged about this in Feb 2005... Good to see it still alive and getting a little love...


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