Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"A Writer's Guide to Surviving Agile Software Development"

Scrum Alliance - A Writer's Guide to Surviving Agile Software Development

"“Originally, the methodology did not include documentation, but many organizations have figured out how to use it...” From Alyssa Fox & Meredith Kramer—Mobile and Agile:The Floating Writer's Survival Kit

Many writers are trying to figure out how to meet deadlines, write quality documentation, and stay sane as their software companies switch from the traditional “waterfall” method of development to the increasingly popular Agile methodology. Our Documentation and User Assistance team found few resources to help us work with Agile, even though our executives, managers, and Agile coaches were determined to help us succeed. From our experience, we created strategies and best practices that help us thrive (and enjoy) writing in an Agile environment.

Are You Really Agile?

If your company implements Agile methodologies in a haphazard manner, you may not really be Agile. And if you aren't really Agile, you may not find a lot of benefit. The rest of this document may help you in small ways, but it can be tough to cope with sort-of-Agile or mostly-Agile implementations.


I thought this an interesting piece and one I don't see very often. Dev is easy (cough... sometimes...cough) to "agile'ize" but the other areas the surround it, areas that are just as important, sometimes are not as easy to adapt. So when I saw this I need I had to capture it for future reference (and share it too :)

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