Thursday, November 10, 2011

"DevOps Adoption and Case Studies" Free [reg-ware] PDF

DZone - DevOps Adoption and Case Studies - Free PDF

"A new issue of Cutter IT's Journal just arrived, and this one's on DevOps… and it's free. To get "Devops: A Software Revolution in the Making?," you just fill out a simple form with the promo code and you get the PDF for no charge. I'll summarize the articles I read inside:

Patrick Debois, a DZone MVB and the guy who coined the term "DevOps" is the opening author in this journal volume. He talks about repetition being the key to implementing better processes and he contends that DevOps is not just about the workflow between developer and sysadmin. It's merely a tag for a movement that encourages all sections of an IT organization to collaborate more effectively. Here were the other articles:

  • Why Enterprises Must Adopt Devops to Enable Continuous Delivery
    by Jez Humble and Joanne Molesky

  • Devops at Advance Internet: How We Got in the Door
    by Eric Shamow

  • The Business Case for Devops: A Five-Year Retrospective
    by Lawrence Fitzpatrick and Michael Dillon

  • Next-Generation Process Integration: CMMI and ITIL Do Devops
    by Bill Phifer

  • Devops: So You Say You Want a Revolution?
    by Dominica DeGrandis


I've always hated the divide between IT/Ops and Dev. Seems almost every organization puts up walls between these groups and seems to almost actively encourage warfare between them. There's always "discussions that we're all on the same team and need to work together" but the talk rarely matches the walk.

Sure then there's a fire, it seems we all pull together, but after? Not so much. So what do we do, those in the trenches that just make stuff happen? Either make everything a fire or just ignore the "official" guidelines and backdoor everything. Which means we assume all the risk and when something blows up, which it will... well you know. sigh...

Since I started seeing Devops meme I've kept my fingers crossed (and my hope under control) that maybe there's a change in the wind, that maybe there's brighter future in store. (please... please.. please!)

Download your complimentary copy of the complete Cutter IT Journal issue -- Devops: A Software Revolution in the Making?

"Some people get stuck on the word 'devops', thinking that it is just about development and operations working together. Systems thinking advises us to optimize the whole; therefore devops must apply to the whole organization, not only the part between development and operations. We need to break through blockers in our thought process, and devops invites us to challenge traditional organizational barriers. The days of top-down control are over -- devops is a grass-roots movement similar to other horizontal revolutions, such as Facebook. The role of management is changing: no longer just directive, it is taking a more supportive role, unleashing the power of the people on the floor to achieve awesome results. And that is the focus of this issue of Cutter IT Journal, the first installment of a two-part series.


Here's a snap of the PDF;


A quote from the Opening Statement;

"... devops was born. A number of people got together and started a grass-roots movement that set out to remove the traditional boundaries between development and operations. Some consider this picking up where “traditional agile” left off. After all, software doesn’t bring value unless it is deployed in production; otherwise, it’s just inventory. To tackle the problem, devops encourages cross-silo collaboration constantly, not only when things fail.


Now the question is, how do we execute this change in our organizations (without making ourselves crazy)?

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