Friday, November 11, 2011

Monster provides a monster series of job tips for Veterans

Monster blog - Cool Jobs of the Week: Veterans Day Edition

All this week, in honor of Veterans Day, we'll be highlighting career and job resources for veterans. To kick off the week, here are cool jobs -- currently posted on -- that'll be of interest to vets



Monster blog - Networking Tips for Veterans

These days, networking is a primary part of not only finding a job but also maintaining and growing a career. And this is as true for veterans as it is for any job seeker.

  • Find Your Community and Contacts
  • Get Involved Online
  • Stay Part of the Real World
  • Get Started Today


Monster blog - Getting Ready for the Veterans Virtual Career Fair

You may have been to a career fair before -- it's quite an experience: joining hundreds (or thousands) of job seekers, all in one place, to meet employers who have positions to fill. Great if you happen to be in the same neighborhood -- but not so convenient if you're a few hundred miles away. As part of our continuing efforts to help veterans manage their careers and find great jobs, Monster and are hosting a "virtual" job fair: an online version of the traditional career fair, with all the benefits of a live event (but without the long lines!).

The Veterans Virtual Career Fair will run from November 14 to 18. If you're a vet, register today. All you have to do is sign up, post your resume, and start visiting the virtual "booths" of employers. ...


Monster, as a veteran, thanks. (Sure as a job site, helping people get jobs is in your self interest, but still, thanks for the extra effort on help Veterans get jobs... :)

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