Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Windows Phone, Podcast App Starter Kit. Don't leave your Podcast without it...

Small and Mighty - Introducing The Podcast App Starter Kit for Windows Phone

"The first app I published to the Windows Phone Marketplace was an App I built for my church. It is a simple app. It looks into an rss feed of Bible studies and it allows the users to listen to them and follow along with the Bible reading. When I showed the app at at some of my community talks, many people expressed their desire to write an App for their church. So, I extracted out all of the code specific to my church and tried to make it into a “Starter Kit”. While a few people used the kit to build apps, you still had to change some code to make it a fully functioning app. I wanted to make it very easy to create an app like this so the Podcast Starter Kit was born.


What Are The Features?

The Podcast Starter Kit currently provides the following features: Episode listing, Play history, Twitter integration, Information panel with app rating and email feedback, Background audio enabled play page and a new episode checker background agent.



I'm not sure every podcast needs an app, but then again I'm sure every one does (I hate having arguments with While when browsing/selecting/listening to podcasts I'd rather have them all in one place, like the Zune podcast hub, if I were podcasting myself, I know I'd want to ensure my listeners could connect with me in ways the standard list doesn't provide, just like this starter kit provides.

Now if only there was some "charming" way to connect these two experiences... ;)

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