Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Yesterday's Patch Tuesday delivers some OneNote 2010 goodness too. Free update to improve OneNote 2010's SkyDrive and sync features...

OneNote Blog - Free update for OneNote 2010 improves SkyDrive and sync features

In response to customer feedback that many of you have reported on the OneNote forums on Microsoft Answers in the past months, we're happy to announce that the OneNote development team has released a free update for the desktop client version of Microsoft OneNote 2010.

When applied, this update improves the user experience for SkyDrive integration features and the sync status interface for shared notebooks on SkyDrive and on SharePoint.

Improvements to SkyDrive Integration

With over 200 million Microsoft Office files and OneNote notebooks already uploaded to SkyDrive, we wanted to make accessing your content in the cloud even simpler from within OneNote 2010.

After you've applied the OneNote update, the new Open from the Web feature becomes available. To use this feature, click the File tab on the ribbon and then click Open.


Improvements to the Sync Status Interface

Another area of frequent customer feedback has been around notebook synchronization and error troubleshooting. The OneNote update addresses many of these concerns and resolves some of the common sync issues that you may have encountered in the past.


Other fixes in this update

  • Added the ability to sync two Windows Live IDs at the same time without seeing password prompts, as long as you have the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant installed (part of Windows Live Essentials).
  • Improved the handling of SharePoint features like required check-in/check-out and other document library settings which might cause OneNote to fail to sync in the past.
  • Added fixes that now prevent ink from shifting when you use the handwriting features in OneNote 2010.

How to get these new features

The easiest way to update OneNote 2010 with these new features is to run Windows Update on your computer. Click Start > All Programs > Windows Update to check for all available updates.

You should install all available Office 2010 and OneNote 2010 updates that are displayed on the Important tab in Windows Update.


In the last year I've become a huge fan of SkyDrive sync'd OneNote Notebooks. We use them at home to our family notes/dates/to do's/etc shared and sync'd. I use it to help my share, coordinate and organize the Channel 9 stuff I do (I've got three notebooks, C4F Blog, C4F Kinect Gallery and the TWC9 Show notebooks). And I'm about to start one to supplement some other info gathering I'm going to be doing too.

And when it works, it works great. Everyone can use OneNote on their desktop to view and edit and/or the web app and it all just seems to magically work. Until it doesn't. That why I'm digging this update. They touched on some of my personal pain points with this update.

OneNote, you rock! :)

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