Friday, December 02, 2011

It's tool time baby! As in Scott Hanselman's 2011 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List!

Scott Hanselman - Scott Hanselman's 2011 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows

"Everyone collects utilities, and most folks have a list of a few that they feel are indispensable. Here's mine. Each has a distinct purpose, and I probably touch each at least a few times a week. For me, "util" means utilitarian and it means don't clutter my tray. If it saves me time, and seamlessly integrates with my life, it's the bomb. Many/most are free some aren't. Those that aren't free are very likely worth your 30-day trial, and perhaps your money.

Here are most of the contents of my C:\UTILS folder. These are all well loved and used. I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't use them constantly. Things on this list are here because I dig them. No one paid money to be on this list and no money is accepted to be on this list.

Personal Plug: Discover more cool tools and programming tips on my weekly Podcast Hanselminutes, or my other show with Rob Conery called This Developer's Life.

This is the Updated for 2011 Version of my 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009 List, and currently subsumes all my other lists. Link to when referencing the latest Hanselman Ultimate Tools List. Feel free to get involved here in the comments, post corrections, or suggestions for future submissions. I very likely made mistakes, and probably forgot a few utilities that I use often.

New Entries to the 2011 Ultimate Tools are in Red. There are dozens of additions and many updated and corrected entries and fixed links. I started doing this list for EIGHT YEARS AGO which is like 60 internet years ago. I've also removed some older stuff that no long matters in 2011.

2009 Japanese Translation: Yasushi Aoki has translated the 2009 Tools List to Japanese! You can find it here 訳: 青木靖.

NOTE: Please don't reproduce this in its entirety, I'd rather you link to I appreciate your enthusiasm, but posts like this take a lot of work on my part and I'd appreciate that work staying where it is and linked to, rather than being copy/pasted around the 'net. If you're reading this content and you're not at, perhaps you'd like to join us at the original URL?

[GD: I've leached the header in full, but the actual list is only thumb-nailed below, giving you a feel for the massive amount of content, and also putting into perspective the amount of work Scott has put into this and hopefully underscoring the why you shouldn't leach the list either...]


This has been blogged about about everywhere (and on this week's TWC9 too... gee, I wonder how it got it that line-up... ;) but since I've blogged about Scott's list every year, I feel it's only right I do so again this year, right?


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