Saturday, January 21, 2012

DrawingBoard2 - A .Net GDI+ Drawing component (with source)

Nazmi Altun's Blog - .NET GDI+ Drawing Component : DrawingBoard2

In one of my projects i have needed , a gdi+ drawing library for drawing simple geometrical shapes. So, found this graphical editor, KLONK Drawing Board . Its written in C# and GDI+ is used for drawing. It isnt a great component, but it was the most extensive open source project i 've found.It has many features , but it has no documentation and source code is a bit difficult to understand. I also couldn't find some shapes i need, such as Triangle . So , i've created my version , DrawingBoard2.

DrawingBoard2 is recomposed version of KLONK Drawing Board . A few features are also added.


What's new in this version?

  • New polygon shapes are added : Triangles( Right triangle and , Equaliteral triangle) , Hexagon, Pentagon, Trapezoid and other polygons.
  • Pie shape is added.
  • Table is added.
  • 3D Cube shape is added
  • Cartesian Plane is added
  • XML Serialization feature. Now shapes can be serialized/deserialized in XML format
  • Bitmap export. Now , drawing board can be exported as bitmap file.
  • Source code is recomposed , and documented

I thought this project and control pretty cool and the fact the source is available even cooler. This isn't the kind of control you see often...

Here's a snap of the sample project


And of it running (which ran for me the first time);


Here's just a taste of what can be drawn;



Thomas Messenger said...

I know this post is qutie old, but is the source code for the DrawingBoard2 project still available? I was not able to find any link that might provide a download.

Greg Duncan said...

Email me at gduncan411 [at] Hotmail [dot] com...