Monday, March 26, 2012

"...known as the Matrix..." The C# Evolution Matrix that is...

The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog - An Introduction to New Features in C# 5.0

1. C# Evolution Matrix

Microsoft just published a new version of C# : 5.0 beta with CLR version 4.5 (Visual Studio 11 beta). In order to get a big picture of the whole evolution of C# language, I summarized all the key features into a C# Evolution Matrix for your reference as below diagram shows:


2. Async Feature

Two new key words are used for Async feature: async modifier and await operator. Method marked with async modifier is called async method. This new feature will help us a lot in async programming.

For example, in the programming of Winform, the UI thread will be blocked while we use HttpWebRequest synchronously request any resource in the Internet. From the perspective of user experience, we cannot interact with the form before the request is done.


3. Caller Information

Caller Information can help us in tracing, debugging and creating diagnose tools. It will help us to avoid duplicate codes which are generally invoked in many methods for same purpose, such as logging and tracing.

We could get the below information of caller method :


I just wanted to blog about this so I could use the Matrix reference.

Just kidding... :P

Actually really like the simple yet effective way this matrix communicated the evolution of C# over time. The code samples where good too of course. :)

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