Friday, April 06, 2012

Java for .Net? Yep, the IKVM.NET way...

Channel 9 - Lang.NEXT 2012 - IKVM.NET: Building a Java VM on the .NET Framework


Java and .NET are like twins separated at birth, but what if you actually want to run your Java code on .NET? IKVM.NET aims to provide a full Java platform on top of the .NET Framework and in this talk we'll look at how this is accomplished and what the challenges are.

This,, is one of those stealth projects that's been around for a while (my first post on it was in 2005, Java Implementation for Mono/.Net (IVKM.Net)), is used in a number of of other products and projects yet is one you don't hear much in and of itself.  If you've ever had java envy or found a jar that you wish was available for use in your .Net app, then you should check out IKVM.Net.


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