Friday, April 06, 2012

Lighting up Android App Inventor with LightSwitch (yes, that LightSwitch)

LightSwitch Help Website - Communicating With LightSwitch Using Android App Inventor

Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta in Visual Studio 2011, allows you to create applications that can communicate with LightSwitch using OData. This allows you to create applications, such an Android mobile application, that communicate with the LightSwitch business layer. This provides access to the LightSwitch security and business rules.

In this example, when a user uses the application and calls LightSwitch, they will only see their own Orders (unless they are in the administrator role, then they will be able to see all Orders).


For this example we will start with the LightSwitch application in the article Calling LightSwitch 2011 OData Using Server Side Code. We will build an Android application using App Inventor that will communicate with the LightSwitch application.

We will use App Inventor because it creates applications that run on most Android devices, and is easy to learn, and fun to use.

While it is possible to create mobile applications using the method described in Calling LightSwitch 2011 OData Using Server Side Code, the performance of applications for the end user will not be as fast and as smooth as the performance of a ‘native’ application such as the one described here




I had never thought of LightSwitch and Android/App Inventor this way (or even in the same sentence). This is a cool tutorial series on them both, together...

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