Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lucian says that "Every day is a good day to be a VB (but with VB11 it's even better!)"

Lucian's VBlog - Talk: What's new in VB11 (VS11 Beta)

"This talk details some of what's new in VB11. (Just some: there were too many improvements to cover them all in just one talk).

Win8 support
VBCore (=> new platform support for VB on Phone, XNA, MicroFramework, Kinect, Surface...)
View Call Hierarchy
Namespace Global
AnyCpu32bitPreferred allows EnC on x64 machines
Better codespit and pretty-listing
Better performance
Better error-reporting for lambdas, and no more 102-error-limit for vbc/msbuild
Fixed language corners in ForEach, ReturnArrayLiterals, OptionalParameterOverloads, GenericOverloadResolution

  • I gave this talk at DevConnections2012 in Vegas on 2012.93.26
    • (I'm in the process of uploading the video).
    • Download [82k, requires VS11]
    • Download script.docx [29k]
    • Download slides.pptx [3.4mb]
    • [GD: Click through for the download links... I didn't want to leach his traffic...]


I dig hearing Lucian talk... While I missed this conference, with what he's shared it's almost as good as being there (well not really, no video, but still, you get the idea) (Wow, ask you shall... Here's the video, Lucian Wischik: What's New in VB11). What I really appreciate is that besides the source and the PptX, he also provided his talking script. That's not something you see that often and adds an additional level of depth to his sharing...



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