Thursday, March 29, 2012

Zooming into a "Best .Net Dev Tools" list on Zoomzum

Zoomzum - 8 Best Microsoft .Net Development Tools

Its our pleasure to share best resources/tools for developers and designe for every technologies as HTML5, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, etc. Every programming technologies/techniques provides the number of tools that helps developers and designers a lot in. Today we are going to presents the best development tools for .Net developers. These are the development tools that helps developers for their next project. Most of them are freeware and open source tools.

.Net framework is a software framework that runs primarily on Microsoft windows. The .NET Framework’s Base Class Library provides user interface, data access, database connectivity, cryptography, web application development, numeric algorithms, and network communications.(Wiki)

A few days ago, we had provided some best javascript tools for testing and validation, Wireframe and Mockup tools for designers, 3D tools for designers and many more. I have been searching the best Microsoft .Net development tools and finally i got the 8 tools for developers.

I hope developers would love to use these tools and share their thought in our comment section below. We thankful to our readers for appreciate ZoomZum’ s compilations and share their views. Thanks


What I liked was that this list didn't have to much of the usual stuff, instead some projects that might not get too much press... That said, there are some you'd expect, like Nuget, Sharp Develop, but there's also some that might be new to you, like STORM.

(via The Morning Brew - The Morning Brew #1075)

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