Thursday, May 10, 2012

And there were three free RTW'd .Net Decompilers ... dotPeek v1 Released

JetBrains .NET Tools Blog - dotPeek 1.0 is Released

Free .NET decompiler and assembly browser from JetBrains is now officially live! Please download dotPeek 1.0 and enjoy high-standard decompilation with ReSharper-inspired navigation and search!

Just as a reminder, here’s the list of key dotPeek features:

  • Decompiling .NET Framework 1.0-4.5 assemblies to C#. Libraries (.dll), executables (.exe), and Windows 8 metadata files (.winmd) are all supported.
  • Connecting to symbol and source servers to fetch original source code, if available. If you let dotPeek sniff around for PDB files or a source server, it can get source code matching your assemblies, and show it to you.
  • ...


Choice is good. Now let's see which ones make it to their next major version...


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