Monday, July 23, 2012

Future Workstation? Dream Chair? Death to the cubes? [okay, maybe not but these are seriously drool worthy]

WinExtra - The Futuristic Computer Workstation That Will Make You Faint From Desire [Pics]

Oh my freaking Lord how I want this absolutely awesome looking computer workstation setup and just to head off the situation here’s the drool towel that I know you are going to need.

Both of these offerings are from MWE Labs and will definitely make a heavy dent in your pocketbook but come on look at them – you know that you would give anything to be able to have one of these sweet looking setups in your home or office.

First up is the Emperor 200 with its 3 27″ monitors (you can select smaller sizes – but why?) with each monitor sporting a resolution of 2560 x 1440 or 7680 x 1440 across all three monitors. The computer part come with three different configurations – 2 Windows and one Mac OS.

This is the second Windows configuration just to give you an idea of the power available with the Emperor 200:

Intel Core i7 3.60GHz
32 GB PC3-12800 Memory
1 TB SATA3 7200 rpm Storage
Quadro 4000 2 GB
Windows 7 Professional 64Bit

It also comes with its own air filtration and lighting system:

HEPA air filtering system
Climate package (seat)
goLITE BLU Energy light
Perimeter LED lights (RBG)

When it comes to the actual seating and movement components it has seven electric adjustments, four electric actuators a seat with Italian leather wrapping the RECARO style top line XL with a climate package.

Of course all this doesn’t come cheap and will set you back $49,150 USD so for most of us we’ll have to be happy looking at a few more images.



Imagine getting rid of cube farms and having a number of these instead? They give you a personal space, a place here you can concentrate an focus, yet are open enough to allow for easy communication, teaming and collaboration, all the while staring how tech forward thinking you are! (Do you think my boss would buy that? hum... need to craft some productivity numbers and slide decks and maybe!... okay, hell no, not a chance, but a boy can dream, right? ;)

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