Monday, July 23, 2012

Presenting a "Presenter’s Bill of Rights"

Brent Ozar - The Presenter’s Bill of Rights

Bad news: you don’t have any.

You THINK you have the right to all of this stuff:

  • A working screen for a projector (as opposed to one that’s hung up in the ceiling and won’t come down)
  • A working projector
  • ...
  • ...


When – not if – you don’t have something you expected at the event, remember the real presenter’s bill of rights.

You have the right to get bad surprises,
and the obligation to deliver great surprises.


That first line made me laugh. I've done a number of presentations at work and yep, you think you have these "rights" but you never, ever really do. Yet, being prepared is key, forewarned and all that... (I keep telling myself that in the mirror, but man I have a think head... lol)

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