Monday, July 09, 2012

"JavaScript Succinctly" - Another free (reg-ware) eBook from Syncfusion

Syncfusion - JavaScript Succinctly

JavaScript Succinctly was written to give readers an accurate, concise examination of JavaScript objects and their supporting nuances, such as complex values, primitive values, scope, inheritance, the head object, and more. If you’re an intermediate JavaScript developer and want to solidify your understanding of the language, or if you’ve only used JavaScript beneath the mantle of libraries such as jQuery or Prototype, this is the book for you. 

Table of Contents

  1. JavaScript Objects
  2. Working with Objects and Properties
  3. String()
  4. Number()
  5. Boolean()
  6. Working with Primitive String, Number, and Boolean Values
  7. Null
  8. Undefined
  9. The Head/Global Object
  10. Object()
  11. Function()
  12. The this Keyword
  13. Scope and Closures
  14. Function Prototype Property
  15. Array()
  16. Math Function

This isn't some little whitepaper, we're talking 143 pages of free JavaScript learning!


BTW, here's the primary resource page for the Succinctly series, About the Succinctly series


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