Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I've got your new TPL [Report] right here... TPL Dataflow and MEF 4.5 RTM NuGets released

Base Class Library Blog - MEF and TPL Dataflow NuGet Packages for .NET Framework 4.5

Last week we released .NET Framework 4.5. Today we are happy to announce the release of the RTM versions of the MEF and TPL Dataflow NuGet packages, as promised.


Our pre-release versions were already in an excellent shape so we didn’t have to change much. In fact, there are no surface area changes and no behavioral changes. We updated a few strings to align with some branding changes (in case you didn’t notice: “Metro style apps” are now called “Windows Store apps”).

However, we added one feature we believe is worth discussing in more detail: we now provide a  symbol package for MEF.

What are symbol packages?

If you read our .NET 4.5 release announcement carefully, you noticed that we also updated the reference source that allows you to debug the source code of the .NET Framework. Scott Guthrie discussed this in detail here. For out-of-band releases we thought it doesn’t make much sense to publish our source as part of the .NET Framework reference sources drop because one of the goals of releasing out-of-band is being able to publish more frequently than the .NET Framework itself.

Instead, we decided to take advantage of NuGet’s symbol packages. In a nutshell, symbol packages allow Visual Studio to find .pdbs and sources for a given binary.

So let’s have a look at how debugging MEF with the NuGet symbol package would look like.



It's great to see these released via NuGet . VS2012 is THE NuGet release and will finally bring NuGet use into the LOB mainstream.


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