Thursday, September 27, 2012

Making Pretty Pies, as in charts, with the Modern UI Data Visualization Toolkit

Modern UI Apps Development - Modern UI Data Visualization Toolkit

"I’ve been Hiding for a while working on what I consider a big step for Modern Applications to Look Nicer with more charts and ways to display Data In Controls

So As a Matter of Fact I successfully Migrated the Famous Sliverlight toolkit to be running on Windows 8 Modern UI Applications.

Well, not everything is there yet since I’m Migrating Class By Class while understanding how things are working on this huge components

You can follow my project on CodePlex

For Now you can find the Bar , Line , Column Chart and mixed Series Available, And I’m looking for people how can join me on this as it’s a very big project and I believe that this is the most advanced charting controls available for windows 8 So far with your help it can be even better.



The main purpose for this is to build a set of reusable controls for Windows 8 Modern UI Development The Primary Release will contain the PieChart that I developed earlier on

main Controls
- Pie Chart
- ColumnChart
- Line Chart

With support of Multi Series and Stacked Charts
Samples in Action:


Nothing like pretty pie charts and graphs for our Modern UI Windows Store App's (where we also get the source and a chance to help out on the project too!)

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