Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Server Posterpedia - Your Windows 8 App Store Microsoft Poster Portal

TONYSO - Free-as-in-beer Microsoft Poster App

Many of you saw this app at TechEd NA and TechEd Europe and asked "When can I get it?"

It's heeeere:


I'll post a vid on YT soon so you can see it in action. Seeing it in action explains all. You want to see it in action. Download it from the store now. Did I mention it was free as in no charge costs nothing?

Think, poster-as-table-of-contents-for-technology-information. Think "Minority Report". Think "the presentation IS the information." Think  "infographics".


Windows Store - Server Posterpedia

Server Posterpedia is an interactive app that uses technical posters as a reference for understanding Microsoft technologies.

Simple app, but if it's updated regularly with new posters I think it might be pretty cool...

Screenshot (13)Screenshot (14)Screenshot (15)


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