Wednesday, October 03, 2012

One Solution, One window, all the references... The "Accurate References" Visual Studio Extension

Visual Studio Gallery - Accurate References

"List all references in the solution by Project and show the actual Reference used.

Sometimes Visual Studio will show an assembly reference path incorrectly when inspecting the properties. Example: the reference path might show /projecta/bin when in actual fact the path is ../packages/something. Also if Visual Studio is unable to find an assembly reference it will display the path as "".

Accurate References will parse the Solution and it's Project to show you the actual assembly path.


From the main menu > Views > Other Windows > Accurate References. ..."

Here's some snaps of this extension, using as the Solution.



Note the red references? There's a hint on the Project on which one to load, but another is being loaded instead.



I don't have mono on this system, VS is fixing up the references auto-magically and the extension is letting me know that... That's pretty cool.

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Ben Clark-Robinson said...

Hi, Thanks for the post. It's really cool to see that someone else can use the extension too.

I find it really helps when you're trying to setup automated msbuilds on a server and the references are wrong.

Again, many thanks.