Thursday, December 13, 2012

Powering Presentations, Productivity Power. A peek at the VS 2012 Productivity Power Tools PresentOn/PresentOff

Nathan Totten - Visual Studio 2012 Presentation Mode

This week I gave several presentations at Microsoft Web Camps. Part of giving a presentation involves setting up your machine properly to ensure that everyone can read the text on the screen. This is generally something I have done manually in Visual Studio by modifying the font settings. However, a few days ago Mads Kristensen pointed out to me that the new Visual Studio 2012 Productivity Power Tools have a fantastic command to automate this task. Now to setup Visual Studio for a demo all I have to do is type “PresentOn” in the top right search bar. To disable presentation mode, just type “PresentOff”.


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The Productivity Power Tools  really is a must install. And there's so many features, all free, that you could spend hours playing with them all...


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