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AppMock - Free Windows Store App to Design Windows Store App's

AppMock by Telerik



Telerik AppMock allows you to quickly and easily create prototypes of your Windows Store applications. Providing a rich set of Windows 8 Style tools and components, conveniently grouped in galleries and categories, you can simply drag and drop UI elements onto the design surface to arrange the layout and flow of your application. You can organize the prototypes in pages (called sheets) and projects and in the end you can run the projects to see all that in action, by navigating through the pages using preset links (hot-spots).


  • Create/Save/Open projects
  • Create pages/sheets
  • Drag and Drop shapes onto the design surface
  • Rich Galleries - Interactivity, Buttons&Links, Text&Input, Data Visualization, Media, Layout, Editors, Loading indicators, Data&Scheduling, Navigation, Gestures, Comments, Flow Charts, etc.
  • Customize the shapes - cut/copy/paste/resize/rotate/bring to front/set text/font-size/links/etc.
  • Undo/Redo
  • Multiple Selection of shapes
  • Navigate between pages/sheets
  • Run projects and use links between the pages/sheets
  • Search and Share via the charms
  • Pin projects to the start screen
  • Export projects

Telerik AppMock


Most Important Features/Behaviors

Creating Projects

Telerik AppMock allows you to organize your prototypes in projects by letting you:

  • Create new Project and give it a custom name
  • Save and Open the newly created Project
  • Rename your Project

Using the Design surface

Telerik AppMock supports two different modes – Design-time and Run-time. While you are designing (mocking) your application you are in the Design mode. It is visually split into a ToolBox (on the left, containing the Galleries) and Design surface on the right.


Creating Sheets (Pages)

Every project consists of sheets. A sheet represents a single screen of your application. You can:

  • Save (Save as) a sheet
  • Add/Remove sheet from the project
  • Copy/Paste the entire sheet

Using the rich Galleries

Telerik AppMock comes with a set of predefined galleries containing various UI shapes. Each shape represents a component or tool that can show certain logic of your app. For convenience all shapes are grouped in categories such as Navigation, Interactivity, etc. In addition there’s a search box right at the top of the toolbox (the panel containing all shapes) to enable you quickly find a tool or component. You can drag and drop any shape from the toolbox onto the design surface. Following is the list of predefined galleries:

  • Windows 8 Controls containing groups of shapes such as Interactivity, Buttons&Links, Text&Input, Data Visualization, Media, Layout, Editors, Loading indicators, Data&Scheduling, Navigation
  • Gestures
  • Comments
  • Basic Shapes - containing groups of shapes such as Flow Chart and Arrows


Now that's kind of cool... Love that there's an ARM version too (so should work on Surface :)

(via Dan Rigby - Windows Store Developer Links – 2012-12-13)

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