Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Opening the door at //build/ with Windows Phone 8 and open source frameworks...

Interoperability @ Microsoft - //build/ today with open source frameworks on Windows Phone 8

The cool news for developers keeps on rolling at //build/ 2012. We’re thrilled to relay the announcements from a broad range of open source communities that their support for Windows Phone 8 goes live on “Day 1” of the SDK availability, along with other partners. There are several open source frameworks to choose from today.

The Windows Phone team and Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. engaged early in the process with open source communities to enable Windows Phone 8 in these popular open source and cross platform frameworks. We provided technical support and information, gave early access to the tools and MS Open Tech contributed code to the Cocos 2D and Ogre3D projects.


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Since I've blogged about a number of these before only seems fitting to blog about their WP8 milestone too...


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