Friday, November 09, 2012

[Today Only] J.D. Meier's "Getting Results the Agile Way" Kindle eBook available free (again, today only)

J.D. Meier's Blog - Free Kindle Download: Getting Results the Agile Way


Getting Results the Agile Way is free today.

You can get your free Kindle version of Getting Results the Agile Way today (11/09/2012).   It’s free today, so grab it while you can, and tell your friends and family to get their copies, too.  Nobody should miss out on this one-day opportunity.

Getting Results the Agile Way is a book that can seriously and significantly help you master motivation, productivity, and time management.  It’s also full of proven practices for work-life balance.

Getting Results the Agile Way introduces Agile Results, which is a simple system for meaningful results.   It helps you shift from overloaded and overwhelmed to on top of your game and make the most of what you’ve got.   By getting science and a system on your side, you can think better, feel better, and do better in any situation.

Getting Results the Agile Way is first and foremost a simple productivity system for helping you produce better, faster results, and achieve your dreams. ..."

Even if you don't want to read this today, this week/month/year, grab it anyway. You might be surprised just when you will be ready to read this, and if it's already in your cloud archive... :)

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