Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Windows Azure Training Kit October 2012 release is out (Think "VS2012, Win8, whole bunch of demos and speaker notes" release)

NotSoTrivial - Windows Azure Training Kit October 2012 Release

The Windows Azure Technical Evangelism team have been busy bees lately and we want to share with you what they’ve been working on. As you know we release the Windows Azure Training Kit on a regular cadence, so I’m pleased to announce the Windows Azure Training Kit October 2012 Release.

This update of the training kit includes 47 hands-on labs, 24 demos and 38 presentations designed to help you learn how to build applications that use Windows Azure services, including updated hands-on labs to use the latest version of Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8, new demos and presentations.

Essential Links:

Updated Presentations With Speaker Notes

Your voices were heard loud and clear! I am excited to announce Speaker Notes have been added to a the majority of the content we have available. Find the new updated decks which contain speaker notes below:


Added Localized Content


Updated Hands-On Labs

To support those who have upgraded to Visual Studio 2012 or those trying out the Visual Studio 2012 Express Editions, we have made sure that the content is available and supported (selected labs only) in Visual Studio 2012 Express and up.

Visual Studio 2012

This adds a significant amount of additional content, so we have revamped the Hands-On Lab Navigation page to include subsections for Visual Studio 2012 Labs, Visual Studio 2010 Labs, Open Source Labs, Scenario Labs, All Labs. ...

Added Demos

Demos are available for a number of presentations which are available in Foundation, DevCamp, ITPro Event & Device + Service DevCamps. You can browse through the demos on the respective Demo Navigation page or on Github (links provided in Demo listing below).


Look, if you're trying to learn what Azure is, try to grok a part of it, given Azure sessions to others or are just look for something to do this weekend, this is the Training Kit for you...


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