Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Attrice's Team Foundation Sidekicks for 2012 [including Team Foundation Service] now available [and still free]

Attrice - Team Foundation Sidekicks for 2012 available

Team Foundation Sidekicks for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 is available!

This release functionality is mainly identical to the version of Sidekicks for Visual Studio 2010, with support of TFS both on premise and in-the-cloud (Team Foundation Service).

For 2012 we support both stand-alone client application and Visual Studio integration package; the latter uses VS 2012 extension registration mechanism and is available through VS Extensions Manager. Note that there are separate installations for stand-alone app and VS package.

Team Foundation Sidekicks


Team Foundation Sidekicks is a suite of tools for Microsoft Team Foundation Server administrators and advanced users providing Graphic User Interface for administrative and advanced version control tasks in multi-user TFS environments.

Version 2.4 of Team Foundation Sidekicks includes Users View Sidekick, Permission Sidekick, Code Review Sidekick, Shelveset Sidekick, Labels Sidekick, History Sidekick, Workspace Sidekick, Status Sidekick and Users View Sidekick in uniform GUI stand-alone application, and Visual Studio Integraton Package providing VS integration for all sidekicks as well as additional features such as Search Items dialog, dynamic History and Build Type editing support.

Single installation package contains versions of application compatible both with Team Foundation Server 2005 and Team Foundation Server 2008.

Team Foundation Server 2010

Version 3.1 of Team Foundation Sidekicks is available for Visual Studio© 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010.

The following features are currently not available in version 3.1 (as compared with 2.4): Build Type editing support.

Team Foundation Server 2012

Version 4.5 of Team Foundation Sidekicks is available for Visual Studio© 2012, Team Foundation Server 2012 and Team Foundation Service.

Note that version 4.5 has separate installations for stand-alone application and Visual Studio package.


The Team Foundation Sidekicks suite is a freeware and may be used for any commercial or noncommercial purpose under the license.



Holly cow, it's been over four years since I've blogged about the the Team Foundation Sidekicks? (Team Foundation Sidekicks 2.2 Released – Includes new Permissions Sidekick! )

It's cool to see that this is alive and well and continuing to grow. Love that it supports the Team Foundation Service... :)


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