Monday, December 10, 2012

"Sync Block Edit" a Visual Studio 2010/2012 extension to sync multiple duplicate text blocks

Sergey Vlasov Studio - Sync Block Edit

The free Sync Block Edit extension lets you easily update duplicate blocks of text in multiple files from Visual Studio 2012/2010. It performs multiline search and replace in Visual Studio with you only pointing what changes to propagate.

It is undesirable, but often necessary to have duplicate blocks of text in multiple files. For example, Google Analytics tracking code in html files or copyright notices in code files. When you need to update this text, sometime you can do it with a simple search and replace. But when you want to make sure no other text is changed or when you want to add or remove lines, multiline search and replace is necessary. Sync Block Edit hides all the complexity of writing multiline find and replace patterns from you.

If your text is already enclosed with distinct begin and end signature lines, just make your changes in one of the files, select the block and click the Sync Update Block button from the Sync Block Edit toolbar:



When I first saw this, "No..........." was my first thought. Then I was reminded of the harsh reality that is our dev world. While we might not like ever having to think about, or do this, there's just times when we have to suck it up and do it. If you do have to do it, then this extension will at least make it a little easier to keep from tearing out all your hair...

(via Visual Studio add-ins, extensions and tools - Update duplicate blocks of text in multiple files from Visual Studio 2012/2010 with Sync Block Edit extension)

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