Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting into the mood... (well...) Microsoft Research Mood Board

Microsoft Research - Microsoft Research Mood Board

Microsoft Research Mood Board is a Windows application that combines image search, image collection, and sketching to support creative activities.

Download Details

File Name: MSRMoodBoardSetup.msi

Version: 1

Date Published: 23 April 2013

Download Size: 3.46 MB

There's not much more information seemingly available. Here's some snaps from the app...


Desktop Icon;


Main screen;


A couple terms searched. Not how the download arrows on the images matches the colors in the search area;


After clicking on an Image (not the download arrow, just the image... think zoom);


The intent seems to download images and build a collage/etc...


The UI seems touch friendly, though it is a x86 download and not a Windows Store/Metro app (so should work on Surface RT Pro or Win8 touch screen, but not on a Surface RT).

There's collapsed view as well;


In short kind of a fun application to play with...

One thing, I'm guessing the dev's had high rez monitors. On my 1368x768 Win8 box, with the application in normal mode, I couldn't get to the bottom of the app, etc, and couldn't resize it from the top/title bar as you normally can. Had to maximize the app to access all the features. Not a biggie but a little irritating.

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