Thursday, April 25, 2013

Infragistics Releases 13.1 with new set of Windows Metro/Modern/UI XAML/HTML controls (which is now in the box for NetAdvantage Ultimate & NetAdvantage .Net subscribers)

Infragistics Releases 13.1

The wait is over! This morning, Infragistics released NetAdvantage Ultimate 13.1 and our related 13.1 toolsets and products to the community. Ultimate 13.1 is the only design and development toolset on the market that lets you create both hybrid and native mobile applications, in addition to modern and touch-friendly apps for the desktop and web. The release includes updated versions of our WPF, Silverlight, iOS (NucliOS), ASP.NET, and HTML5/jQuery (Ignite UI) toolsets, as well as brand new to market Windows UI controls. Ultimate also features the new Indigo Studio design tool which lets you create rapid, interactive prototypes of your application UIs while maintaining your focus on your users, and whole lot more. 

Highlights in this release of Infragistics NetAdvantage platform include:

  • New toolset NetAdvantage for Windows UI offering 20 XAML and HTML controls for native Windows 8 app development.
  • ...


Brian Lagunas - Introducing NetAdvantage for Windows UI–Your Path to Windows 8

Your wait is over!  NetAdvantage for Windows UI is HERE!  Since the announcement of Windows 8 at the Microsoft //BUILD/ event in Anaheim, CA back in 2011, Infragistics has been watching the market trends, listening to customers, and working closely with Microsoft to create the best Windows 8 control toolset available.  No matter what your UI preference, we have leveraged our existing codebase to create a familiar and unified development experience for both XAML and HTML.

Whether you are a line of business developer writing internal applications, or a developer writing consumer based applications that will be published in the Windows Store; NetAdvantage for Windows UI provides the tools you need to create fast and fluid, rich, touch enabled, true Windows 8 experiences.  Now is the time to choose your path to Windows 8!


If you are a XAML developer, then our XAML based Windows UI controls are for you.  Our WinUI XAML controls are based off our ever popular NetAdvantage for WPF and Silverlight, so if you currently use our XAML controls, then moving into developing for Windows 8 just got a lot easier.  With the same feature set, same API, and same great controls, you can take the knowledge and experience you already have and start writing touch enabled Windows Store applications without skipping a beat.

I bet you’re wondering what you get for the XAML stack.  Well, let’s check out the controls.

  • Data Chart
  • Grid – CTP
  • Barcode
  • Calendar
  • Currency Input
  • DateTime Input
  • Masked Input
  • Numeric Input
  • Excel Framework – CTP
  • Persistence Framework – CTP

Wow, that’s a lot of XAML!  Let’s check these controls out in a little more detail.



What’s that you say?  You’re not a XAML developer?  You come from the world of HTML and jQuery?  Give you a DIV and a CSS style any day?  Well, okay I will!  Our NetAdvantage for Windows UI also ships with some great butt-kicking HTML controls.  If you currently use our IgniteUI product, that’s our HTML and jQuery controls, then you’re going to love this.  Our WinUI HTML controls are based off our IgniteUI controls.  Don’t use our IgniteUI controls?  No problem, f you know HTML and jQuery then you already know how to use our controls.  Either way, you are ready to start writing stunning, finger burning, touch enabled HTML Windows Store applications with our HTML based WINUI controls.

So what did we give you in our first release of WinUI HTML?  Let’s take a looksy…

  • Grid
  • Hierarchical Grid
  • Data Chart
  • Map
  • Pie Chart
  • Date Picker
  • Date Editor
  • Currency Editor
  • Numeric Editor
  • Masked Editor
  • Text Editor

Say Whhhaaaaatttt!  Yeah, that’s a ton of great HTML controls.  Everything you need to get started writing your app.  Let’s dig a little deeper into these babies!


There's nothing like getting something new in a package/subscription you're already paying for. If you're a Infragistics NetAdvantage Ultimate & NetAdvantage .Net subscriber, there's not one new control suite to play with but two! (but both for Win8 Modern UI/WinStore apps). (There's also a free 30 day trial)

Good to see a top tier vendor make an investment in Windows 8 WinStore Apps.

Also it's pretty cool how they leveraged their existing control suite to provide the XAML/HTML controls. A huge plus if you are using their existing controls.

Want to play with the controls now, free? There are two WinStore app's for that... and


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