Monday, November 25, 2013

No If's here.. Jason Haley Web Appifys his Interesting Finds blog as SPA at

Jason Haley - The New IFReader (

Last month, some of my project work slowed down – so I took the time to redesign and rewrite a useful single page application for reading the Interesting Finds blog entries.

The new site design is now out at (I have also started moving my other sites to the same style … the blog site is next). has been around for awhile, but only provided the ability to see a daily or weekly listing.  The new app, allows you to filter and load more items of any of the sections that you want.  This is something I often want to do – just browse some links for a particular subject instead of all links for only a single day.

The new style uses bootstrap3, so it looks decent on a mobile device too.  I purchased a template from – which I first learned about from one of Shawn Wildermuth’s PluralSight videos (big thanks to him for mentioning it).  Saved me a ton of time.

The Views Count is incremented whenever someone clicks on the link (and yes if you click it multiple times I currently still increment each time).  The view count functionality has been there since the beginning – though now it is tied together using a custom knockout binding.




I think it's a shame that Jason isn't a MVP yet. But maybe with his new SPA push, he can make to Web MVP'dom... And if not, we'll at least be able to follow him along on his journey.

In this case he's doing what I've always suggested to anyone who wants to learn a new dev area, technique, thing. Build around something you are personally interested in. And given how long Jason's been blogging, well...


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