Monday, November 11, 2013

Preparing Patriotic Presentations with PowerPoint (and this step-by-step animation and music tutorial series)

The Fire Hose - Step-by-step tutorial showcases PowerPoint’s patriotic animation effects

If you’ve always wanted to amp up your PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft MVP Sandra Johnson can help you with a step-by-step tutorial that covers how to animate shapes and text to create a customizable slide with background music that happens to coincide with the Nov. 11 Veterans Day holiday.

As the PowerPoint Blog reports, Johnson is “a wiz at creating animated greeting cards in PowerPoint, and now she's sharing her secrets …The patriotic theme of the tutorial presentation is one that most anyone can reuse, and you can always replace the message with your own. What's important are the hands-on animation techniques that you'll learn and be able to use in other presentations.”


PowerPoint. Responsibly. - Part One: Create and animate objects on a slide — Patriotic Theme

This step-by-step series of tutorials will show you how to animate shapes and text to create a customizable patriotic slide with background music. This first tutorial focuses on drawing and animating the Red Bars shown below


This tutorial is part of a 5 part series. To learn other drawing and animation techniques to create a slide like this, click any of the following links:

Draw and Animate the red bars

Draw and Animate the red stars

Create and Animate custom text (with Fragment Shapes Tool)

Draw and Animate the shooting stars

Insert Audio (music)

PowerPoint presentations don't have to make your eyes bleed or brain freeze... Really...

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