Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank you for your thank you's, a veteran's day note

As a veteran I want to thank you for your thank you's. To thank those people and businesses going out of their way today to honor and thank those serving and who have served.

Thank you for remembering that freedom is not free. Thank you for thanking those who help defend that freedom, paying with their blood, sweat, tears and lives. And thank you for thanking the family, spouses, children and parents of those who serve and have served.

Without the support of our friends, family, and you, our service would be a thousand times tougher. It's YOU, your thoughts, prayers, support and thanks that help making serving bearable.

We don't "serve" for freedom or the flag. We do it for you, our friends, family, co-workers, brothers, sisters, kids and community. So Thank You's from those same mean a great deal, more than many can express.

Thank you...


(Image Credit - Domestic Divapalooza, 11-11-11 Happy Veterans Day!)

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